GEO UK First Scavenger Hunt / Social Event 17 October 2019

By John Ball posted 10-22-2019 11:32

On Thursday the GEO UK team held the first GEO Scavenger Hunt at London Bridge and the surrounding areas.
As a newly formed Chapter leadership team we really tried to create something different and exciting. From previous social events we had noted that people would tend to congregate in groups with people they already know and tend not to engage with anyone new within the industry. A key aim for the team, was to bring different types of people from different companies together and encourage them to make new connections. On top of this we also wanted to encourage those new to GEO or the Share Plans Industry, to come to GEO events; and with the normal social events this could be quite daunting for some individuals (especially if from a small team).
This encouragement carried through to the hunter teams, which we drew at random, with no more than one person from the same company in each team. Throughout the day of the scavenger hunt the Chapter Leadership team also got to take part in a similar way whilst boosting the exposure by using some of the locations and loading pictures to LinkedIn to promote the event further.
We had over 50 people at the event and over 30 people taking part in the scavenger hunt; who were reporting back to the chapter team showing the evidence of completed challenges. I am sure the team wont mind me mentioning it was getting a little competitive between ourselves at the nerve centre!
After the allotted time the teams came back and to our delight, decided to stay and socialise within the teams they had been assigned. This continued into the evening, even after the prize draws. The winners were:
  1. Top Hunt Team: Cat Rylah, BP; Ben Alhassan, Unilever; Jordan Collins, Shareworks by Morgan Stanley; Charlotte Cooper, Stitch; and team leader Alexy Armitage, Alexy Armitage Consulting
  2. PERE Pass Winner: Valerie Klimeko, Kingfisher
  3. GEO Pass to any event winner: Sean Ungless, Farfetch
  4. Feedback prize draw winner: Nick Newman, Deloitte
We got the most feedback ever for an event - mainly because we gave paper forms on site to complete and another chance to win a prize! From the feedback received on the night, each ‘hunter’ seemed to really enjoy the evening, seeing parts of London they may not have before and all starting to build new relationships that, we hope, will continue in the future.
Thanks again to the sponsors for making this event possible: Computershare, Deloitte, Fidelity, Global Shares, Shareworks by Morgan Stanley, Tapestry and Unilever!
Some of the pictures from the evening are below….