Simplifying Share Movement for Your Global Participants

By Robyn Shutak posted 04-07-2016 12:03


In the process of taking your equity plan global you’ve waded through paperwork and jumped through hoops and attended various industry sessions on taking a plan globally.  You’ve had your documents translated, trained your local HR staff on the features of the plan and successfully communicated the plan.  Your procedure documents have been updated and you’re feeling pretty good about the state of the plan going forward. Then why do you have that nagging feeling, your missing something? Have you really thought of everything or are there lurking challenges we need to be aware of?

The answer is a resounding YES! Ask yourself;

·       Are we aware of any requirements to issue physical share certificates or are we confident we can electronically deliver shares in all jurisdictions?

·       Are there any issues with transfer sharing shares from a global nominee account to our employee’s personal broker accounts?

·       How will you ensure the shares actually move and are received into the proper accounts?

·       Is plan document translation enough to bridge the culture and language barriers you’ll encounter?

Taking your plan global can be tricky but getting the resulting proceeds and shares across borders to your global employees can be as well.  From challenges with country specific restrictions to managing the centralized and intermediate broker arrangements there are many things that could throw a wrench in the operation of an otherwise perfect plan and sour the experience for your employees.  Join us in our session at GEO's 17th Annual Conference in Boston later this month and learn the answer to these questions and many more: Show Me the Money and Show Me the Shares:  Simplifying Share Movement for Your Global Participants.  We will examine some common pitfalls of moving shares internationally and how you can breathe easy and know your participants are getting their shares timely and accurately.  We’ll also discuss the pitfalls of moving money internally as well with a brief recap of the practical suggestions and knowledge shared in our previous GEO panel discussion, Show Me the Money: Simplifying Settlement for Your Global Participants.

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