May 2016 Community News

By Robyn Shutak posted 05-31-2016 15:15


Here is a recap of the activity in GEOconnect in May: 

Hot Topics on the Open Forum
Grant acceptance - moving from active/positive to passive/negative //deemed - any stats?

Top THREE Takeaways From Boston

Syndication of Employee Stock Purchase Plan Participation

You are always welcome to join any of these conversations or start your own!

Most Active Members
Thanks to the following individuals who were our most active participants on GEOconnect in May. We appreciate your support. 
1. Nicole Sloane, Kimberly-Clark
2. Mitch Beaverson, Eli Lilly and Company
3. Dana Dugan, Carnival
4. June Davenport, Solium
5. Markus Seppala, Actelion Pharmaceuticals

Call to Action

Join our JOB POSTINGS COMMUNITY! The community is open to any GEO member and is a great resource for members to get access to exclusive job openings. Join the community now to start receiving announcements about new job postings and/or sharing job postings.


If there’s one thing I love seeing in GEOconnect, it’s discussion. I love to see the many posts coming through the site, and the comments to them. Getting lost in multi-threaded comment discussions with fellow members is what this community is all about, and it’s a fun way to get to know each other. As this community continues to grow, please remember that people want to be involved in a vibrant community. They like hearing many voices, they LOVE to see comments on each others posts and they really enjoy making connections. Here are a couple of thoughts on how we can all make sure these simple things are happening in GEOconnect.

Do listen and respond. How can members continue the conversation if they don’t know it’s happening? Be sure to ‘reply to the discussion’ rather than the sender when responding to a comment. People's comments and the exchange of ideas with everyone is the crux of this community. It does a disservice to the entire membership when you don’t share your response with everyone.

Do participate. Don't sit back. Start discussions, chime in on conversations, find people with similar interests. The more you put into the community, the more you'll get out of it.


Questions or Suggestions?
Contact Robyn Shutak with your questions or suggestions for how we can make GEOconnect easier to use.  Let us know what you need and we will help you find it.