September 2016 Community News

By Robyn Shutak posted 09-28-2016 15:57


Hot Topics on the Open Forum

Loans in Lieu of Equity to Senior Management
ESPP Auto-Enrollment with Opt-Out Period
Domestic Mobility


You are always welcome to join any of these conversations or start your own!

Most Active Members
Thanks to the following individuals who were our most active participants on GEOconnect in September. We appreciate your support. 
1. Jen Kirk, Google
2. June Davenport, Solium
3. Nadine Franczyk, ServiceSource
4. Bill Storey, Stock & Option Solutions

Call to Action

Respond to Unanswered Questions
The following posts were made in August and still have not received a lot of attention. We invite and challenge you to contribute your thoughts to either of these postings:
1. L1 Visa Holder moving to US
2. Dividend Equivalents on Stock Options

Questions or Suggestions?
Contact Robyn Shutak with your questions or suggestions for how we can make GEOconnect easier to use.  Let us know what you need and we will help you find it.