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Justyn Scarbeau is a Program Manager on the Employee Investment Services team at Amazon based in Seattle, Washington. Justyn has more than 17 years of Microsoft experience in all aspects of program management with specialty knowledge in stock plan administration (stock options, stock awards, ESPP, and supporting technologies). She also brings her entrepreneurial experience of opening up a franchise ‘Right at Home’ with her husband after leaving Microsoft before joining

Justyn was hired into in April 2019 specifically to roll out the Direct Stock Purchase Plan (DSPP). She provides oversight to the HR Support Services team responsible for administering the DSPP, from reconciling vendor feeds to addressing employee escalations to identifying opportunities for improvement.

Justyn gained her Six Sigma Green Belt certification in 2010 from Microsoft’s IT Department. She has received many Microsoft awards for her contributions in Global Stock Services, Finance SOX Assertions, IT Systems Collaboration, and Global HR Operation transitions.