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Dan Kapinos is an Associate Partner and the East Coast Practice Leader for Aon’s Equity Services team, that provides expertise, service and advice surrounding equity compensation to over 600 companies around the world, both public and private.  Dan’s services include plan design considerations and management, performance metric selection and goal setting, reporting requirements under ASC Topics 718 and 805, IRC 280G and IFRS 2, corporate governance analytics, performance tracking and employee education through Aon’s PeerTracker, and more.

Dan graduated with a degree in Applied Statistics from the Pennsylvania State University, where he now sits on the Alumni Board of Directors chairing the Engagement Committee.  Dan has also been a Certified Equity Professional (CEP) through Santa Clara University since 2009 and currently is a member of the Curriculum Committee.  Dan is a frequent author of thought leadership and speaker at industry events with organizations like the CEP Institute, GEO and NASPP, where he has also served as the President of the NASPP Philadelphia Chapter.