Raul Fajardo


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Raul Fajardo is the L3 Customer Support Manager for Certent, Inc., supporting over 1,300 corporate clients on Certent’s Equity Management and Disclosure Management systems. His teams provide a wide range of support ranging from 10k/10Q filing to providing equity compensation expertise for ASC 718, IFRS2, ESPP processing, Section 16, and more. Raul has more than twenty years experience in equity compensation. He speaks at various equity compensation conferences on topics such as valuation, accounting, forecasting, tax accounting, and mergers and acquisitions.

Prior to joining Certent, Inc., Raul was a Finance Manager for Qualcomm, where he was responsible for the financial reporting of Qualcomm's equity compensation programs, including performance-based plans, restricted stock, stock options, and ESPP. Raul is a Certified Equity Professional.