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Elisabeth is a HR professional with 12 years of experience.

In her current role at Bristol-Myers Squibb France, Elisabeth is responsible for the Total Rewards strategy, from the steering of the compensation policy to the well-being of employees, by monitoring and proactively searching for innovative initiatives, while ensuring the implementation of the compensation & benefits policies, legal changes and local adherence to global internal processes.

Passionate about equity and performance-oriented, she ensures that compensation and benefits programs offer a high-valued experience to attract and retain talents across the organization.

Having been at the heart of successive reorganizations and significant projects of transformation, she undertook many projects touching different functions of HR and developed a hybrid profile between HR and Finance which allows her to bring her expertise and vision to support the evolution of the organization. Through her passion, her ambition is to develop the human potential of everyone through the Total Rewards brand, in alignment with her deep values.