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Steve Dean is currently Director of Stock Administration at Splunk Inc., a multinational technology corporation based in San Francisco, California. Located in the Bay Area, Steve has over 23 years of equity compensation experience. Steve began his career at Cooley LLP as a Senior Paralegal in its compensation and benefits practice, working extensively on executive and broad-based equity plans for pre-IPO and public companies. Leveraging his legal experience in the corporate environment, Steve consulted for several years at various stage companies of all sizes, focusing on practical solutions to challenges around plan design and rollout, global expansion, executive and insider compliance, internal controls, and mergers and acquisitions. Steve has overseen the IPOs of two late stage private companies, providing key input on equity plan design, implementation and communications, with an emphasis on scalability, automation, and standardization and simplification of administrative processes. Steve earned his Certified Equity Professional (CEP) in 1998, and holds a BA in International Relations from The Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.