Peter Simeonidis


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Peter is a Partner in the Global Rewards practice based in New York with more than 14 years of broad international compensation and benefits experience. His focus has been assisting multinational companies in the design, implementation, and successful operation of global stock plan programs in multiple jurisdictions.

With more and more companies focused on the ROI of offering equity based compensation, and an increased need for well-defined processes and controls, Peter is assisting multinational corporations on the design, retool, and implementation of share based programs. By evaluating the company’s business objectives, evaluating the internal and external factors that impact and drive employee behavior, Peter and his team have developed an approach to tackling these issues. Peter has worked with many multinational corporations to address the end to end process of equity administration including whether to insource or outsource certain functions of equity administration, dealing with the funds and data flow of equity transactions, addressing the tax and regulatory issues, working alongside the stock broker vendors and third party platforms, and partnering with his clients internal stakeholders such as Tax, Legal, HR, Payroll to address all components of the equity lifecycle.

Peter is a member of the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals and the Global Equity Organization, and a regular speaker at both respective regional and annual conferences. Peter is also a Certified Equity Professional.