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Whether playing guitar onstage or working with his clients, Ken uses his creativity and passion for connecting with others to bring out the best. Ken excels at understanding complex problems, explaining implications in plain language, looking at issues from different perspectives, and collaborating to arrive at a solution.

As the leader of PwC’s HR Accounting Advisory practice, Ken works with companies to address one of their most critical and fundamental concerns - how should we compensate our employees and executives? Ken specializes in financial reporting and plan design issues related to equity compensation arrangements, retirement and healthcare plans, and other benefits. Ever curious, Ken thrives on the excitement of new and unique challenges. Helping companies navigate their employee issues during an IPO, spin off, acquisition, or other major transaction or event is a perfect fit.

From his four daughters Ken has learned patience and the importance of listening and connecting. His concern for their future has sparked his passion for the advancement of women in the workplace. Inspired by Sheryl Sandberg’s incredible book, Ken started his own “Lean-In Circle”, which was an unusual risk for a “middle aged white guy”. But it proved a great success, and he continues to look for new and edgy ways to move the needle on gender issues. Ken is also proud to serve on the board of Girls, Inc. of Greater Los Angeles, working to make girls strong, smart, and bold