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Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


Markus Seppälä is an Associate Director, Compensation & Benefits, at Actelion Pharmaceuticals in Basel, Switzerland. He led the executive compensation and share plan team through the acquisition of Actelion by Johnson & Johnson. Since then, Markus has supported the post-merger integration with job leveling, retention plans and review of employment contracts. 

Prior to Actelion, Markus was the Deputy Head Executive Compensation and Share Plans at Syngenta, also in Basel, the world’s largest producer of agricultural chemicals with 28,000 employees in 90 countries. Before moving to the corporate issuer side, Markus worked as an equity plan consultant at EY in Sydney and PwC in Stockholm, and as a governance research analyst at ISS in Brussels.

Markus has eleven years of experience across all aspects of share plans, executive compensation and corporate governance. He holds a Master’s degree in Commercial and Business Law from Linköping University in Sweden. Having presented at TEDx and numerous compensation conferences, Markus is an experienced and entertaining public speaker. He’s a Distinguished Toastmaster and also a stand-up comedian performing in four languages.