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Terry Adamson served as the Global Practice Leader for Aon's Equity and Governance Consulting Services. In his role, Terry has advised thousands of public and private companies with regard to equity design, valuation, accounting under ASC Topic 718, and share management.

Terry was formerly on the FASB Round Table on Employee Share Options, and on the Executive Advisory Committee of the NASPP. Terry currently serves on the Advisory Board of the CEP and is the Chairperson of the Society of Actuaries taskforce on stock option valuation. Terry is a frequent author and speaker regarding equity compensation and is known as one of the premiere experts on Performance Share programs, specifically Relative TSR plans.

Specialties: Valuation of employee equity; share management calculations; pay for performance testing; valuation of liabilities attributed to change in control due to IRC 280G; CEO Pay Ratio; development of underwater option exchange programs; and the design of employee equity programs.