Amanda McIntyre


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Amanda joined the Employment Tax Group of PwC Ireland in 2002. She moved to the US to join PwC US in 2011 and is currently a Global Mobility Director in PwC’s People & Organization Practice.

Amanda specializes in consulting and planning in the areas of Equity, Employment and Expatriate Taxation and International Social Security. Amanda’s experience includes:

- Advising on, designing and assisting with the implementation of appropriate global tax policies and structures in key employment tax and global mobility areas with a focus on effective management / best practice, tax compliance and cost containment;

- Determining the appropriate global tax treatment of equity, with particular regard to the tax and social security implications of cross border moves be those permenant or temporary relocations;

- Advising multiple stake holders within organizations on the international employment tax and social security impact of moving employees across borders. Distilling the key compliance message across the organization from Stock, Finance, Payroll, Corporate Tax and HR.