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Joanna Mak is the Senior Manager responsible for the leadership and management of employee share plan programs at Brambles Limited, a global supply-chain logistics company.

Since undertaking this role in 2012, Joanna has continually developed and successfully implemented innovative strategies to engage with over 15,000 potential and existing share plan participants in more than 40 countries. These initiatives have achieved strong and consistent growth in the levels of employee equity ownership at Brambles, have gained recognition for Brambles’ employee share programs from GEO and other professional groups.

Joanna is currently a GEO Board Member where she advances GEO’s mission in the Asia-Pacific region.

Joanna is regularly invited to speak at equity compensation profession events to represent the perspectives of corporate issuers.

Previously, Joanna was Senior Manager - Remuneration and Benefits at Brambles, and a consultant with a global management consulting firm in Hong Kong. Her practice areas include employee share programs, executive remuneration and global mobility management in private, public, and quasi-private organisations.

Joanna holds an MSc in International Industrial Relations Management from the London School of Economics, and is a WorldAtWork accredited Global Remunerations Professional.